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Nutshell travel: chasing stories to tell.


Our idea: a good story comes always after a good idea.

Let's start about the fact that travelling for us has always been extremely meaningful; an ancestral research based on solid principles, far from simply discovering different places, as if we were collecting postcards, our intention is to go beyond this idea of travelling.

It's a self journey looking for our deepest ego and our essence, it's discovering emotions where all mental barriers disappear,  it’s challenging ourselves in any situation, breaking off the rules of the communications and welcoming the ones of the heart.

Travelling is like training our minds; it allows us to open our hearts and teaches us to think out the box.

A different world out of there is waiting for us, full of stories to tell, same as the stories that strongly attract us and the idea to be able to tell them afterwards has made us thirsty of this experience.

The aim of travelling is to free ourselves in a physical and mental level, letting ourselves go to the flow of the life, purifying our hearts and adding something more to our wealth of knowledge.

We feel exactly as a nutshell: solid, light as a feather but at the same time full of content.

We feel like trees and same as them we have our roots able to make holes and reaching the sky.

We slowly move crossing (our) boundaries as timeless souls tattooing nations on our passports and free, free, free to choose to make mistakes and live fully!

Who are we though?

ANNA and MATTEO, two little dots in the world hungry of tracing infinite lines across the earth!

How do we travel?

During our long journey we will try to mix with the local cultures, as we want to taste every single diversity and change we will meet along our path.

This will allow us to collect as many experiences as possible, all together and enrich our self journey.

Another aim is to try to save money as much as we can by having a strict low budget.

We use the sharing economy, cutting all the useless costs, giving the primary needs exclusivity and this is all that matters for us.

Our project is not to only travel, our world's trip will be looking for the truth, the one hard to see or experience on a daily basis, digging inside ourselves and the realties we will face.

During this trip around the world we will write and take pictures, trying to share what we will be living in the most transparent way possible, as our only tool will be just travelling and the more we will see the more we will let ourselves go.

Where we are:

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"In everything I want to reach
The very essence,
In work, in searching for my way,
In heart’s obsessions,
To entity of once passed days,
And their causes,
To roots, the fundamental base,
And very cores.
Connecting thread of fates, events,
To live, to struggle,
To feel, to love, to think,
And to discove

Boris Pasternak


I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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two little dots in the world hungry of tracing infinite lines across the earth!


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